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The research path which I use in x-com tftd

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dfTruF said...
+ Gauss Tech
+ Gauss Pistol & Gauss Pistol Clip
+ Gauss Rifle & Gauss Rifle Clip
+ Deep One Corpse
+ Aqua plastics
+ aqua plastic armor
+ Medikit
+ Thermal Shok Launcher & Thermal Shok Bomb
+ Sonic Pulser
+ Heavy Gauss & Heavy Gauss Clip
+ Ion Beam Accelerators
+ Live Deep One Terrorist
+ Ion Armor
+ Magnetic Navigation
+ Transmission Resolver
+ Gauss Cannon
+ M.C. Lab
+ Zrbite
+ Alien sub construction
+ Magnetic Ion Armor
+ Manta
+ Sonic Cannon & Sonic Cannon Clip
+ Sonic Blasta Rifle & Sonic Rifle Clip
+ Sonic Pistol & Sonic Pistol Clip
+ Sonic Oscillator
+ Disruptor Pulse Launcher & Disruptor Ammo
+ P.W.T. Launcher & PWT Torpedo
+ PWT Defense
+ Hammerhead
+ Lobsterman Commander
+ Leviathan
+ Bombardment Shield
+ Alien Origins
+ Lobsterman Commander
+ Ultimate Threat
* Tasoth Commander or Lobsterman Commander & T'Leth, the Alien City
X-COM: Terror From the Deep

X-COM: Terror From the Deep (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/2D Turn-Based Strategy
Release Date: 18/APR/95
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